In Portugal, there are several ways to have a solar system in combination with a grid connection. We will try to explain the possibilities for you. We make a difference between solar systems without batteries and with batteries, first the possibilities without batteries

Grid connected solar energy solutions in Portugal for your home or business

UPAC Solar,Self consumption solar energy system with no feed in to the grid tariff. These photovoltaic solar systems are useful for people with a small home and constant energy consumption, like aircos and swimming pool pumps. The solar system is limited till 1500W and you consume what you produce. If you produce more energy then needed, this energy will go into the grid but you will not get any compensation for it.

UPAC Solar,Self consumption solar energy system with feed in tariff. These photovoltaic solar systems are bigger and the maximum size is related to the contract you have with your energy supplier in Portugal. Here again, you will consume your own produced energy and the surplus of solar energy will go into a grid. The compensation for the injected solar energy is 90% of the Iberian energy market price. These solar systems are for people who have high energy bills and a relative constant energy consumption. You can save substantial on your energy bill this way with renewable energy.

UPP Solar,Solar energy all sold to the grid. These photovoltaic solar energy systems feed all the energy to the grid. The feed in tariff is based on an auction model. The estimated tariff is about 10-11 cts per kWh. These systems are as well interesting when people have a less stable consumption. As well these solar systems are dimensioned and related to the contract you have with your energy supplier in Portugal

Solar off grid systems

Solar Energy System with batteries and the grid as back up.
Autonomous, this is a system that is mainly functioning autonomous. The produced solar energy is stored in the batteries and is used when there is need for it. When the solar panels do not produce enough energy the system will automatically switch over to the grid and will take the energy from the grid and can charge the batteries at the same time.

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