Your specialist for Renewable Energy in Portugal.

We offer a range of renewable energy products that are

solar powered and as well energy saving. 

Not all energy needs in our home or office can be solved with solar energy. Most people want to save costs on there elecrical bill, that is why we offer low energy A+++ air-conditioners, heat pumps and led lights too. With this range of products in combination with an UPAC or UPP self consumption solar system you can save substantial on your edp electricity bill.


Solar boilers
Photovoltaic Solar panels
UPAC, Small self consumption solar energy system till 1500 Watt with no feed-in tariff click here
UPAC, Self consumption photovoltaic solar energy system with feed-in tariff click here
UPP, Selling solar energy to the grid with photovoltaic solar panels click here
UPP and UPAC monitoring equipment, see your energy production, energy consumption and feed in energy on an app
Autonomous solar power energy systems, custom designed
Solar Air Heater
Solar Pool Pumps with Photovoltaic panels
Heat pumps for house and pool
Air conditioning (now with wifi ,A+++ and extreme silent)
Led lights

As mentioned above we have more products and services then only solar energy products, we install and supply heat pumps, air-conditioners , led lights and give advices to our client how to save on their energy costs.

We are distributor of the Austrian heat pump brand Ochsner. Ochsner heat pumps are high quality, extreme silent and extreme efficient. These heat pump systems reach A+++ Status. We can design heating -cooling system for your house, pool and domestic hot water all with one heat pump. Heat pump systems in combination with storage tanks and solar PV energy gives you the possibility to generate heating and cooling during the day for free and use the stored water at night for free.

Our team will design a customized solar powered system for you with only high quality solar panels and other components. One of our favorite products are amorf/hybrid photovoltaic solar panels. These solar panels can be used for building integrated PV or free standing. These PV solar panels are like a dark or light colored glass panel and there for very suitable to integrate with your home or roof.

More advantages of these panels are that they produce better with less sun and with hot weather then conventional photovoltaic solar panels. Especially in Portugal and the Algarve where the temperatures can reach 40 degrees, these solar panels give more energy on year base.

We design and dimension solar -of grid/on grid (UPAC and UPP) and heating systems, for companies or private use. We install our solar energy systems from the Algarve till up north in Portugal and from Setubal till Badajoz.


Renewable energy, solar energy system , heat pumps ,solar pool pumps or one of our other energy saving products , just Contact us .